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After the Summer Storm Passes

We got a massive storm tonight, which was interesting to listen to while sheltering in the basement. After everything passed I took a quick ride to the lake to take in the clouds.

June 13, 2022

Clouds in a round fluffy formation in the orange-tinted sky as a storm front passes through.

These are mammatus clouds: basically, the result of updrafts and downdrafts churning the bottom of a cloud as it matures throughout the life of a storm. The distinct puffy pattern made by the churning winds almost always marks a severe weather system. Since I spent the past hour or two before taking these photos in our basement, sheltering from a tornado warning, this storm definitely qualifies as severe.

You can see them marking an obvious boundary for the storm as it slowly arcs out over Lake Michigan from my perch above Montrose Harbor. There were a few intrepid souls already back on the beach enjoying a nice summer evening.

The full moon during a lunar eclipse, about two thirds obscured by shadow

Looking down the stone wall next to the sandy Montrose beach with dramatic, fluffy clouds upset by rolling winds above

Two people walk toward shore from shallow water while a dramatic orange sunset reflects on the water

The full moon during a lunar eclipse, showing about half covered in shadow


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