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An Afternoon in Segovia

We only got a short walk around between train rides, but a short walk in a classically beautiful Spanish city with good friends is nothing to complain about.

January 26, 2020

A photo of a restored Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain

It's always a good day to ride the Ave. This time some close friends who live in Madrid invited us out to an iconic Segovian restaurant, requiring us to set out on a foggy morning for a ride through hilly Spanish countryside.

After a beautiful ride made better by a cafe con leche (as is everything), we grabbed a bus for the last mile or so from the train station. Segovia is small and ancient city, with a stunning Roman aqueduct running straight across our route.

We only had just enough time to head straight to our reservation, enjoy amazing traditional food together for a few hours, and take a quick lap around the main plaza on the way out. Because Segovia is situated around the crest of a hill and has narrow, old streets, we missed the Alcazar, a major highlight for every trip. But this remains one of my favorite all-time day trips, a great reminder that these places are Out There and worth exploring.

Fog clearing above the Madrid Chamartín station to reveal the Cuatro Torres

A detail shot of the restored but ancient Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain

The aqueduct in Segovia shining in the morning light as people go about their day

A scene from Plaza Mayor in central Segovia

The rooftop architecture of Segovia, with snowy mountains shrouded in clouds behind

Another photo of the rooftops of Segovia, with snowy mountains shrouded in clouds behind

A statuesque town square in Segovia

A steeple rising above the city

Renfe tracks leading south out of Segovia


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