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Crossing the Mojave from Vegas to Joshua Tree

Living out every fantasy about a Route 66 road trip, me and a rental pickup truck take to the desert south from Las Vegas.

May 29, 2021

A photo of an undulating desert road running straight into the distance

There is an irreplaceable romance about setting out on a long desert drive. This is a quick post to share some shots from my round trip drive through the Mojave Desert from Las Vegas to Joshua Tree National Park.

It's about three hours each way, if you don't almost constantly pull off the road into desert sand to enjoy being in the absolute middle of nowhere, with a only an occasional passing semi for human contact.

This is a path meant for blaring The Eagles with the windows down.

A phone pole against clear blue desert skies

Mountains on the horizon above a two-lane desert highway

Some buildings in Amboy, California

A road and power lines run off into the mountainous distance

The desert sands with rocky mountains and hills

A black car drives over undulating desert roads toward the camera

A long train passes in the desert

A massive formation of sand dunes


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