A dodgeball player blocks an incoming ball with one they are holding
A player dives to attempt a catch on a wayward shot
A dodgeball player ducks to prepare to dodge an incoming ball
A dodgeball player tries to regain their balance after getting hit by a ball, and reaches to try and make the catch
A dodgeball player surveys the field with an arm outstretched ready to throw
A player makes a hard throw at close range to knock out another
A player walks onto the court while silouetted against a bright light
A player makes a hard throw and the ball can be seen streaking toward the camera
A player surveys the court while holding a ball
A player makes a catch on a ball which can be seen deforming under the force of impact
A player discusses strategy with his team after a match
A player reaches for a ball while ducking under a hard throw
A player watches his opponents while getting ready to throw


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