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The Lights Are Out in the Sears Tower

In a fun pandemic twist, a transformer issue caused the Sears Tower to lose power, making it completely dark on the skyline. I went to go see.

May 19, 2020

A photo of the Chicago skyline featuring the Sears Tower with no lights on due to a power outage.

I love those moments that pique the whole city's curiosity at once. The blizzard that stranded all of the cars on Lakeshore. Chance the Snapper. Etc. This may not reach that level of infamy, but the Sears Tower has been without power for a day or two, so I went to go look.

It's an interesting and ghostly presence on the skyline without any lights, but if there's any time to close one of the largest buildings in Chicago, it's during a pandemic when everyone is at home anyway.

The Sears/Willis Tower without electricity as street lights light the street running past it.

The Sears/Willis Tower without any lights against the Chicago skyline, with two men working on railroad tracks in the foreground below.

Two men work on railroad tracks


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