I can't imagine anything more fun to shoot than dodgeball. 5 v 5 teams, a ton of action, and so much passion for a sport that I would sincerely watch on TV often if I had the chance. I've been lucky to shoot a few events for Elite Dodgeball with Mad City, but this was my first time shooting dodgeball...on trampolines.

UDC – Ultimate Dodgeball Championship – is an incredibly well run event and one of the bigger events in competitive dodgeball. It's run by SkyZone trampoline parks where teams across the country (and a few from outside the US) qualify before meeting at one location for a weekend-long championship. This was that championship.

Sadly, we found out after the fact that this will be the last one for a while – so I'm thankful I had the chance to capture some scenes while I could.

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