• About Me

I’m a native of Pittsburgh and seven-year resident of Chicago. I’m a proud graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and I work full time as a program manager at a tech company.

I take pictures of landscapes, architecture, travel, aviation, and various productions from conferences to dodgeball championships.

I think photography is a special medium because it allows close examination of any moment I’m able to capture. I love taking a picture and pouring over things just as they were in that instant.

I’ve always been curious about the world around me. I always have to touch something, to go see the inside, to climb as high as I can climb. I want to know when it was built, and who used to live and work there. I want to talk to the people there, to be introduced to how they see life: I might prefer it.

My highest aim is to share what it felt like to actually stand somewhere in that moment. I think travel is central, but not essential, to this process of discovery, sharing, and growth.

Jenna, my astonishingly patient, incredibly creative wife, is very often the inspiration, instigator, facilitator, creative director, intended recipient, or otherwise involved with what I make.

These things all come out in my style of shooting: I use textures, perspectives, and timing in pursuit of revealing an understanding of a thing or place at one specific point in time. I try to capture moments I’ll want to remember years from now. Sometimes I succeed. I hope you enjoy looking at what I’ve made.

Gear: I shoot with Canon equipment that varies by needs, a fairly typical setup being my Canon EOS R or a 5D Mark IV, a 24-70mm II USM, 70-200mm IS III, or a 100-400mm IS II. I also take a lot of pictures with my iPhone that you’ll probably see here. I have a Manfrotto BeFree travel tripod that I use when it gets dark out and a basic array of flashes and other ephemera.

If you’re interested in working together, I’d love to meet you! Please drop me a line at ericgaydos@hey.com.